We are a design-focused marketing agency, specializing in creating content from scratch.

Timeless quality, however with a touch of software perfection to connect you to your audience today.

Graphic Design

Are you having an identity crisis? That’s ok, we know your target market and we know what they’re looking for. We use a combination of old and new school techniques to develop the perfect, unique brand for you.


Cat got your tongue? Happens to the best of us. We have developed a proven formula for creating marketing communications and content that’s sure to captivate your audience.

Social Media

Having troubles connecting with your audience? Yes, they’re all on here now. Your customers require a lot of attention and you need to provide it, we can help. We customize your social media strategy in order to engage the right people for your business.

Web Strategy

Do you feel like your website is stuck inside a box? It’s the 21st Century and you need responsive web content! We launch state of the art web platforms tailored to your specific needs.

Marketing Strategy & SEO

What’s your plan? Yea, we figured you may need one. The marketing industry changes every day and you need someone you stays up to date on all of the latest trends. You need a company that’s organized and results oriented.

Analytics Reporting

Last but MOST CERTAINLY not least, probably most important of all actually, analytics. If you can’t track your marketing efforts then what’s the point? All of your online traffic is reported back to you in an easy to understand PDF, every month.

“Ottawa is a small town. The sense of community and collaboration in this city is inspiring. Your passion is our passion, your ambition is our ambition. If you are a business owner, maker or anyone trying to make their presence known contact us today to work on your brand. Ottawa is our hometown.”